Magnifying & Making Travel Luxurious

Start your vacations in absolute luxury! With business class flights, you book convenience in the air. In-flight scenario is somewhat being on leisure, from infrastructure to space & convenience are at the forefront of business class. The cabins designed for passengers enable them to continue working while staying onboard. Well, specifically more leg room, larger and wider seats, extra recline and even sleeper beds can be found in business class cabins.


On Board Facilities and Appetizing Food

Facilitating extra provisions of electronic equipment which includes a power supply for laptops, telephones, wireless internet access, and privacy screens, you can continue work during the flight. Flying in first class flights isn’t just about being comfortable it’s a chance for airlines to dabble in fine dining. Exclusive menus including premium wine and gourmet food must be looking forward to while you’re 30,000 feet in the air.


Lounge access

Access to separate check-in desks, business facilities, board rooms and individual workstations are often present in these lounges and include premium food and beverage too. On some airlines, passengers may also have access to a sit-down bar.

Additional Baggage Allowance & More Space


Where Business Class generally differs to be in regards to luggage and extras not only this once you speedily arrive at the baggage collection area, your bags too will be the first to appear on the conveyor belt. With these factors in mind, flying with business class is a comfortable and convenient journey with more and more travelers who can’t quite make it to First Class, opting to enjoy the superior benefits of business.

Other Benefits

Lie-flat seats allow you to rest and hit the road running for your early morning meeting, Pillows, blankets, bedding and travel kits may be provided to Business Class passengers depending on the destination, route and aircraft type. Entertainment usually includes personal TV screens with movies, TV shows, and games on demand.

Top Business class Flights


Lufthansa, Emirates, Air France, Turkish Airlines, Etihad Airways, Cathay Pacific to name a few are some of the best luxurious business class flights. Famous business class flight deals are highly popular on some routes like New York to London, Dallas to Dubai, Sydney to Qatar, Los Angeles to Tokyo, Toronto to Mumbai, Cape Town to Frankfurt to name a few.

Experience the enticing world of comfort and luxury with business class flights.


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