Adventure Holidays: Because Life is One Grand Adventure

Adventure holidays are filled with excitement, fun and an urge to push our limits. As the world has turned into a global village where distances have shrunk, more and more people are stepping out to have experiences that were not common few decades back. A large number of such experiences can be had on a tour to Europe. Here we give a lowdown on what Europe holds for adventure travelers.

Spot Wildlife in Spain


 The Iberian Lynx that once freely roamed in the area is now an endangered species. The cat can be spotted in the Doñana National Park and Andújar Natural Park. The parks can be explored on a safari with good chances of spotting the Lynx in its natural setting. 

Surfing and Hiking in Madeira, Portugal


Famous worldwide for its wines, Madeira, along with the Azores, is slowly but steadily becoming popular with adventure tourists for its surfing and hiking options. A hike to Arieiro that takes you through eucalyptus forests could be a treasure worthy experience.  There is no dearth of cheap adventure vacation packages to Madeira that can be availed to own this experience.

Adventure Galore in The Dolomites in Italy


The Dolomites in Italy offer a mixed bag of experience to travelers. Replete with hiking trails, mountain villages, glacier, lakes and lush greenery the area is an adventurer’s delight. Come summers and this region in Italy get a good number of hikers and hand gliders. During the winters it turns into a ski and snowboarding destination.

Hike and Paraglide in Mont Blanc, France


Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe throws various experiences your way. You can see the interiors of a glacier or paraglide through one of the most spectacular mountains on the earth. Owing to its varied appeals vacationers from across the world look for cheap adventure travel deals to France.

Surf and snorkel in the Canary Islands


Apart from a beachcomber’s paradise, the Canary Islands are also popular with those on an adrenaline rush.  Apart from the white sandy beaches, the islands are home to sandy deserts and volcanic landscape. But what attracts travelers the most to these islands are their immense water sports options. Sail, surf or snorkel, the choice is yours.


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