Good Friday in Canada

Good Friday, Good Time! It is a perfect time to grab a few hot deals on flights and have a memorable weekend with your loved ones. Good Friday takes place two days before Easter Sunday to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It has since been celebrated in a big way throughout Canada for many ages now. Here’s a look on how Canadians celebrate ‘Good Friday’ each year.

Celebrating with Loved Ones


Since the festival marks the beginning of Easter Weekend, many hot deal flight tickets are up for grabs. People prefer visiting churches with their loved ones followed by a nice weekend outing. Good Friday is considered to be a quiet and mournful, people gathers in churches for peaceful meetings. The candles are not lit and the crosses, statues, and painting are often draped in black, purple and gray clothes. For the Catholics, it is a day to fast and avoid meat and alcohol.

The Menu on Good Friday

Apart from food, travel deals also remain hot during this time. People travel to their relatives and friends and bond over lunch and dinner. Hot Cross buns prepared with raisins, currants and dry fruits are a traditional Good Friday treat. Good Friday and Easter are incomplete without the colorfully decorated Easter eggs. These can be confectionery eggs that are filled with chocolate and covered with edible colors. Good Friday also marks the welcome of spring break during which many people visit family or friends. A perfect time top book flight tickets and head out on a short vacation.

The Events: Public Life

Good Friday is a public holiday in Canada with many schools, institutions, and businesses staying closed on this day. There are many theaters, institutions, and churches where plays take place depicting the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. Depending on provinces, there are many weekend festivals that lead to the Easter weekend.



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