Adventurous Canada- Jaw Dropping Moments


If you are looking to embark on cheap adventure travels then Canada has no shortage of excitement. From deep sea to snow-capped peaks there are many spots tailor-made to quench your thirst for adventure. If you’re looking for some thrills then you should probably have the following destinations in your cheap adventure vacation package.

Orca/Killer Whale Watching


Orca Whale more commonly known as Killer Whale is actually a dolphin and one of the most fascinating creatures in the world. Board a kayak and watch these beautiful beasts as they hunt in packs off Canada’s west coast near Vancouver. It is truly a delight to watch these giants swimming and surfacing past you. If you are lucky enough you may catch these killer whales feasting off Steller sea lions after a fierce battle. Orca Whale watching is a highly anticipated segment of every adventure tour whether cheap or exclusive. The sound orcas swimming past your boat and blowing water is a delight for every adventure seeker.

Polar Bears in Churchill


These white fur balls may look cute but they are actually nature’s most ferocious predators. Located on the bears’ migration route, Churchill in Manitoba is a perfect place to get up close and personal with these beasts. Cheap adventure packages are available during the months of October when these polar bears walk around the town in search of food before going to their hibernation sleep. You can ride the open air jeeps or stay at makes shift lodges with military going regular patrols of the area.

River Canoeing/Kayaking


Canoeing or Kayaking in the epic South Nahanni River is on the card for every adventure seeker while visiting the famous Nahanni National Park Reserve in Canada. Located in the shadows of the Mackenzie Mountains it is Canada’s first World Heritage-listed site. With broad valleys and steep slopes it an intimidating landscape. Along with this, there are many species of animals like moose, wolves, grizzly bear, Dall sheep and mountain goats.

Riding the Tides


The Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick is known for having the world’s highest tides. Riding the tidal bore at the mouth of the Shubenacadie River is something that will quench your thirst for adventure. The Bay of Fundy should be on your list of adventure destinations in Canada.

Surf Up in Tofino


Attracting surfers from the world over, Tofino in British Columbia is known paradise for surfing. With sweet temperatures and high wave, it is one of the most consistent destinations for water sports especially surfing and diving. There are many online travel portals that offer cheap adventure vacation packages to Tofino all year round.

Deep-sea fishing


If your want to see where that seafood comes to your plate then deep sea fishing off Prince Edward Island is must visit for you. Catch some stunning sea creatures during the months of early July to mid-September. Charter boats can be booked as part of cheap adventure travel packages from Halifax, Nova Scotia to enjoy this.


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