Best Places to Spend Weekend in Canada

In the midst of a busy week in office, we often forget about planning for the weekend this is where last minute cheap flights come into play. Weekends are like mini-holidays that are best enjoyed with your loved ones. While living in Canada you must realize that there is so much to do in your own backyard. So embark on a journey with friends and family to some of the best weekend destinations in Canada.

Niagara Falls, Ontario


Niagara Falls is a famous weekend destination in Canada that can be reached cheaply even if you grab last minute flight deals. This ultimate weekend getaway is included in almost every weekend getaway vacation package. There is so much to do here there will hardly be a dull moment. For parents, there are many restaurants, golf and spa resorts, wineries and clubs where they enjoy. For kids, there are many indoor water parks, themed attractions and learning museum where they can a fun time. For the couples, there are the Niagara Falls themselves!

Vancouver, British Columbia


With many airlines offering cheap last minute flights to Vancouver, it is one of the most famous weekend spots in Canada. The city is well known for its vivid and adventurous lifestyle. The city is a beautiful place to spend your weekend along Canada’s Pacific Coast. You can spend time having a picnic at the English Bay or play some golf and adventure water sport in the harbor front area. Vancouver Aquarium is a nice place to come close to many aquatic species while your kids can learn.

Montreal, Quebec


With the cobblestone streets and street side restaurants, Montreal gives you the feel of an old European city waiting to be explored. The place is nice to spend a blissful weekend with articulate architecture, cozy restaurants, and delicious Canadian delights.

Magnetic Hill, New Brunswick


Now this one is something very interesting. Magnetic Hill is a spectacular place with cars rolling uphill. You can see everything going back even the streams that flow near the hills. Kids can have a wonderful time at the Magic Mountain Water Park along with a great learning curve at the Atlantic Canada zoo.

With so much to do in your backyard, Canada is dotted with many weekend getaways You can reach to any of them and have a memorable weekend.


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