Best Places to Celebrate Family Day in Canada

All inclusive family vacations are a great way to spend some time with your loved ones. Canadians families are known for having blasts together especially on Family Day in the month of February. Here is a list of best places where you celebrate Family Day with your loved ones in Canada.



The capital city of Canada is a great place to spend your Family Day. With snow all around you can visit the Parliament Hill where your kids will have a lovely time. You will have a wonderful time watching your kids as they create snow angels. Apart from this, there are many free activities that happen in the city.



The Oil Sands Discovery Centre, Fort McMurray in Alberta is a nice place where your kids will learn as well as enjoy. The whole family can have wonderful time learning about the earth at this themed place. There are many performances and treasure hunt games where the whole family can work as a team.

Markham Museum


The Markham Museum in Markham is a fun place for your family to engage in indoor activities. There are many outdoor skating rinks along with a 25-acre historic village where you can take part in many fun filled activities.

The Toronto Zoo

Toronto Zoo.jpg

If you are looking for cheap family all inclusive vacations then make sure to have Toronto Zoo in it. The kids will have a lovely time watching all the animals on display here. Walk through the fun-filled tropical pavilions and learn while having fun.



If you want to go through history and heritage then take your kids to the villages and prairies of Saskatchewan. You kids will love walking through the towns and small neighbourhoods where you once took photographs as kids yourself.

Rutherford House Provincial Historic Site

Rutherford House Provincial Historic Site.jpg

Rutherford House Provincial Historic Site in Edmonton is a place of history unfolding in Canada. It was the historic home of the first premier of Alberta, Alexander Cameron Rutherford, and is an exquisite specimen of architectural wonder. You can take tours of this historic mansion as well taste the cookies that are given complimentary to the families.

What are you waiting?? Book a few all inclusive family vacations package and have a blast this Family Day with your loved ones.


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