Celebrating National Flag Day of Canada

Canadians love their country and are never behind when it comes to celebrating National Flag Day of Canada. Since 1965, National Flag Day of Canada is observed each year on the 15th of February to commemorate the inauguration of the Flag of Canada. A great way to celebrate National Flag Day in Canada is by traveling along this great country with cheap flight tickets.


Make Travel Plans:

A proper celebration of Canada Flag Day would be to travel and enjoy the numerous natural and man made wonders dotted all over the country. You can look out even for some last minute flight deals and experience Canada’s history, natural wildlife, and beautiful countryside.

The Parades:

Many Canadian cities hold parades which exhibit great history, heritage and culture of the country. You can fly to cities like Edmonton, Quebec, Toronto and Calgary with airlines that offer cheap round trip airfares on this special day.

Events, Activities & Attractions: Canadian Cities


The flag day of Canada is a great time for events, activities, and attractions taking place in the city. You can grab a few cheap flight deals and head to any Canadian city where these festivities are taking place. These festivities have magic shows, parades, and authentic Canadian eating stalls. Some of the cities with amazing National Flag Day celebration are mentioned below.


Toronto hosts one of the largest National Flag Day celebrations in the country. There are many exciting activities like parades, circus acts, celebrity performances and a giant creation of human Canadian flag. You can also visit the Hockey Hall Fame in the city that has memorabilia related to Canada’s most popular sport, Ice Hockey. 


In the capital city of Ottawa, the Flag Day celebrations take a more delicate shape. Many arrive in the city to be a part of the flag-raising ceremony on Parliament Hill and the other festivities that follow.

Quebec City

If you wish to revisit Canada’s history then grab a few cheap flight tickets and head for Quebec. The Canadian Museum of history in the city is one of country’s oldest public institutions with exquisite displays.

If you are looking for outdoor adventures on this Canada Flag Day then the Canada is loaded with opportunities. All you will need to look out for some cheap flight deals and the rest this land will take care of itself. Hike through the Canadian Rockies or just check out the badlands of Calgary; take beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean while visiting the Cape Spear Lighthouse or simply spend the weekend at Banff.



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