Top Places To Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Canada

How to get cheap flights on Valentine’s Day? With the most romantic day of the year for couples just around the corner, all you need is a cheap flight ticket to your dream destination and have a memorable time. Valentine’s Day is all about spending some close moments together and creating eternal memories. In this post, we have created a list of top places in Canada to spend your Valentine’s Day 2017.

Niagara Falls


One of the most romantic Valentine’s Day destinations in Canada is Niagara Falls. Famous for pristine beauty, serene aroma, and picturesque setting, Niagara Falls is popular for weddings, romantic getaways and proposing your lady love. The town of Niagara with charming boutiques, colorful restaurants, heritage architecture and beautiful gardens, create a perfect romantic scene for the two love birds.

Mt. Logan


Mt. Logan is the highest mountain in Canada, famous among the couples who like to add a little adventure to their lives. With glaciers to see as far as the eye can go, is it the perfect place to get lost with your significant other. Many Valentine’s Day vacation packages have Mt. Logan as the center of attraction.



If you know How to get cheap flights then Newfoundland is the perfect romantic getaway destination for you. With towns named as Heart’s Desire, Heart’s Content, and Cupids, Newfoundland celebrates Valentine’s Day and love 365 days a year. The love birds can relax here at the numerous delightful coastal towns and experience authentic east coast local cuisine, artist studios, and immense heartfelt hospitality.

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge


There is nothing more romantic than holding your sweetheart deep in the shadows of Rocky Mountains. A trip to Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge will surely make for a memorable Valentine’s Day for the two of you. During your stay here, you can enjoy a host of activities like skiing, skating, snowboarding, kayaking, and golf. The evenings are relaxing near the fireplace as you can cuddle with your love over a candlelit dinner and glass of wine.

Quebec City

Quebec City.jpg

If you had to pick a city for a fairytale Valentine’s Day then Quebec City would at the top. With its charming architecture, breathtaking European influence and exquisite restaurants, the city leaves you to love struck. You can buy a gift for her from the numerous art deco shops located on the Cobblestone streets in the city.

Love, Saskatchewan


The name says it all. A tiny village in the province of Saskatchewan, Love is famous all around the world. Each February this small village that is home to not even 100 people becomes the center of attraction with couples coming in from faraway places. Many festivities take place here and couples are seen holding hands together and dancing to the tunes of local villagers.

So if you know how to book cheap flights then this Valentine’s Day can be a romantic experience that you will never forget. Hold her close and head out on a romantic love boat on Valentine’s Day 2017.


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