Best Theme and Amusement Parks in Canada

Weekends are a great time to grab a few discount airline tickets and head out with family and friends. Canada is full of places where you can spend a wonderful afternoon at amusement parks, theme parks, and water parks. You can simply make online flight tickets booking and have an exciting day trip in Canada. In this post, we will have a ‘quick ride’ at the #best theme and amusement parks in Canada.

Calaway Park, Calgary


A place with endless fun, Calaway Park in Calgary is Western Canada’s largest amusement park. A complete entertainment package for the whole family there is many things to keep everyone smiling. The famous attractions in this park are the log flume, the corkscrew roller coaster, food stalls and many other adrenaline-pumping rides. Your kids will have a wonderful time playing in the Theodore Tugboat playground.

Galaxyland, West Edmonton Mall, Alberta


Iconic to Edmonton, Galaxyland is the world’s largest indoor amusement park. Home to the world’s largest and tallest indoor roller coaster, Galaxyland is the perfect place during the weekend for the family. What makes Galaxyland so great is that while the kids play you can shop at the many stores in the mall. 

Playland, Vancouver


Located in Vancouver’s Pacific National Exhibition, Playland is Canada’s oldest amusement park. You can get discount airline tickets and enjoy mouth watering food at the booths, monster truck shows, and amazing joy rides. The park is especially famous among native British Columbians for the haunted attraction of Halloween Fright Nights in the season of fall.

Upper Clements Park, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia


Located on Canada’s Atlantic Coast, Upper Clements Park is a famous attraction among the families in eastern Canada. With many attractions, the park is famous for its Tree Topper roller coaster, bumper boats, and the late for concerts and fireworks. Online flight tickets bookings are available throughout to Halifax from where you can reach this park.

Canada’s Wonderland, Vaughan, Ontario


The largest and most famous amusement park in Canada, Canada’s Wonderland is located within the city limits of Toronto. This amusement park offers over 200 attractions with the famous one being the Leviathan coaster which the largest and fastest roller coaster in Canada. There are many delicacies on offer at the various food booths in the park.

La Ronde, Montreal


La Ronde in Montreal is Canada’s second-largest amusement park. Since opening its doors in 1967, the park has been the center of attraction in Montreal. The park was built for the Expo 67 and today is famous the world over for its double track roller coaster and Nintendo video game arcade.

So if you’re looking to spend some joyful time with family then grab a few discount airline tickets and head to any of these wonderful amusement parks.


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