Best Indian Restaurants in Canada

After booking your flight through an online travel portal and landing in Canada, the next thing you look for is Indian restaurants. As an Indian flying to Canada, the aroma of traditional spices and flavours takes him back to his homeland. Whether it is Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa or Edmonton, divine and delicious Indian cuisine is always on the menu.

Coconut Lagoon (Ottawa, ON)


Coconut Lagoon is a famous eatery in Ottawa that serves mouth watering south Indian food to its customers. Apart from traditional south Indian delicacies like crispy lentil doughnuts, chicken pakoras, lobster masala, and coconut and jaggery-stuffed crêpes, there are many interesting dishes on the menu as well.

Curry Village (Halifax, NS)


After getting some cheap flights to Halifax via BookOtrip, the next thing that will bring a smile to your face is Indian food. If you want to taste some amazing curries then Curry Village in Halifax is the perfect destination for you. The lamb curry and local Nova Scotia goat are famous here.

Udupi Palace (Toronto, ON)


Udupi Palace is a famous destination among the Tamils, Malayali, Telugus and other South Indians living in Toronto. The place specializes in Dosa and to your delight; it is quite pocket-friendly. An on the go restaurant, Udupi Palace is famous for quick snacks.

Moti Mahal (Calgary, AB)


Serving delightful Indian cuisine for over two decades now, Moti Mahal is famous in Calgary. From spicy Vindaloo to chicken curry and from pakoras to tikkas, there is a lot on the menu.

Guru (Edmonton, AB)


Since you’ve saved some bucks with online travel portals, you can splurge it at Guru in Edmonton which happens to be on the fancier side. The aroma of spices from the kitchen can be felt many blocks away. Not just the Indians but the native Albertans are also huge fans of the Guru. The chocolate coconut naan bread for dessert is simply to fall in love with.

Spicy Bite (Saskatoon, SK)


The next step if you’re looking for Indian foods in Canada is Spicy Bite in Saskatoon. The robust spices and the aroma of curries from the kitchen will increase your appetite twice. Seekh Kebabs, Chicken Curry and Shashi Paneer are quite famous.

Sula (Vancouver, BC)


Not just Indian, Sula in Vancouver serves delicacies from the world over. You will on a delicious ride right from the appetizers or the word go. The menu is just never ending with flavourful dishes like chicken korma, mutton curry, and prawn curries.

Why wait for more, from any city in Canada just book some flight through any online travel portal and head out on a delicious journey.


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